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Accounting Compliance and Reporting

Is your organization engaged in a finance transformation initiative marked by the launch of shared services centers and expansion into new markets?

Do you have visibility into the regulatory landscape and filing requirements within each of your locations worldwide, including deadlines and who is responsible?

Are your global compliance and reporting processes integrated across Finance and Tax, and managed under a clear and centralized governance model?

Finance transformation on a global scale can pose new challenges and risks. Organizations must strike a balance by achieving the right control through risk mitigation, visibility and consistent quality, and the right efficiency across processes and systems, while creating the right value for the business at lower cost. Companies that get it right and keep it right are positioned to see their investments in global finance become truly transformational.

Accounting Compliance and Reporting services is focused on helping large, multinational companies meet their financial reporting requirements in the many countries where they do business. Companies across industries are engaged in finance transformation initiatives, marked by expansion into emerging markets, the deployment of Shared Services Centers and the continuous drive for efficiency and lower costs.

How we can help

Managed centrally, our services link our competencies in finance and tax to support the full spectrum of compliance needs. Our ACR service is increasingly powerful when aligned with our Global Tax and Compliance Reporting Services. Our suite of services includes:

  • Statutory reporting services (delivering statutory financial statements)
  • A range of accounting support to assist the internal finance functions, including:
    • Group-to-local GAAP conversion
    • Post-general ledger "record" accounting, such as assistance with period close, trial balance compilation, reconciliations, and data gathering and analysis
    • Group-to-local GAAP-to-tax conversion in coordination with
      EY tax professionals

Visit our Global Tax and Compliance Reporting Services.