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EY Center for Tax Policy


Stay one step ahead of tax legislation and reform

The EY Center for Tax Policy at Ernst & Young LLP is a one-stop resource for tax reform, policy and legislation. We focus on the most significant US and global tax policy issues of the day — monitoring developments, creating thought leadership and helping businesses prepare for and manage tax change. Our leaders, many of whom have held senior positions at the US Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service, provide forward-looking views on the drivers and business implications of today's most important tax policy and fiscal issues.

In a fast-paced global economy marked by increasing competition, transparency and rapid data exchange, businesses gain a competitive edge when they are able to prepare for tax policy and reform developments before they happen. We can assist by helping organizations track and assess tax policy and reform issues affecting their businesses, providing services that range from monitoring legislation and strategic planning to representation and economic modeling. To learn more about how we can help you, click here.



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The Washington Council Ernst & Young practice of Ernst & Young LLP (WCEY) is an advisory services group that helps clients manage the legislative and regulatory process. Our professionals have held senior policy positions in the executive and legislative branches of the US government and have been involved in all of the major tax bills considered by Congress during the past 25 years.

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EY - Other Administration initiatives

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