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  • What is the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program?
    The Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program is a national competition and executive leadership program that identifies and connects a select group of women entrepreneurs with the advisors, resources and insights they need to become market leaders.
  • What are the benefits for the female entrepreneurs who are selected?
    In becoming part of the Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program, our winners join an elite network of the country’s best entrepreneurial, high-growth companies and participate in a customized program designed to:
    • Expand their knowledge with the latest information, research and executive dialogs on business strategies and practices tailored to high-growth companies.
    • Identify potential partners, strategic alliances, customers and suppliers as well as prospective sources of private capital among selected venture capital and private equity firms.
    • Access informal, one-to-one guidance and support.
    • Strengthen their executive leadership, business skills and identify opportunities to grow and scale their companies through meetings with senior advisors and seasoned entrepreneurs.
    • Increase national and regional visibility for themselves and their companies among corporate executives, investors and the media.
    Entrepreneurial Winning Women also receive an all-expenses paid trip to the annual EY Strategic Growth Forum, named by Forbes.com as one of seven “get-ahead executive retreats.”
  • What is the Strategic Growth Forum?
    By invitation only and held every year in November in Palm Springs, California, the Forum convenes more than 2,300 leaders of the nation’s most successful high-growth companies, their investors and advisors to share growth strategies and discuss current marketplace opportunities and challenges.

    All Entrepreneurial Winning Women are introduced and honored at a special celebratory event during the Forum. In addition, the Forum presents a one-of-a-kind platform for Entrepreneurial Winning Women to:
    • Introduce their companies.
    • Share their corporate and personal brands.
    • Position their companies with established entrepreneurs, top executives, business advisors and prospective investors who can guide their decision-making and contribute to their success.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for the Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program?
    The applicant’s company must be fewer than 10 years old and have achieved at least $2m in annual sales for at least each of the past two fiscal years. Typical applicant company revenue ranges from $2m up to approximately $30m annually.

    Applicants who are selected must be able to attend and fully participate in the following two events (no exceptions):
    • Two-day EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Orientation/Training Session, October 4–5, 2017, in New York City
    • EY Strategic Growth Forum, November 15–19, 2017, in Palm Springs, California
  • What is the deadline for applying or submitting a nomination?
    The deadline for submitting completed applications is June 9, 2017.
  • How can I apply or nominate someone?
    You may apply or nominate someone online.
  • Are application forms kept confidential?
    Yes. The information on the application form will be used by EY program management and the national panel of independent judges in connection with the administration of the competition. Program sponsors will receive summary information (non-financial information only).
  • How will the Entrepreneurial Winning Women be selected?
    The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women will be selected by an esteemed panel of independent judges representing successful entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders.

    Selection criteria: Applicants will be expected to demonstrate qualities needed to take the fullest advantage of this opportunity, including successes to date that exhibit the creativity, tenacity and plan necessary to realize their companies’ full potential and the confidence and conviction to drive toward market leadership.

    In addition, Entrepreneurial Winning Women should have the maturity and level of business sophistication needed to interact effectively with potential investors, high-level business advisors and top executives.
  • How many winners will be named? When will they be announced?
    Our independent panel of judges will select up to 12 Entrepreneurial Winning Women for the Class of 2017 by September 8, 2017.
  • Why did EY create the Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program?
    Around the world, women entrepreneurs account for nearly 30 percent of private enterprises, and women-owned firms start at twice the rate of men in the US. However, women-owned businesses do not typically reach the scale of businesses run by men.

    Additionally, more than 25 years of experience through Entrepreneur Of The Year, EY has a strong view of entrepreneurial success, and we noticed not enough women were represented at the highest levels of achievement.

    We know experienced role models and access to business-building networks are critical for women entrepreneurs and this program is designed to deliver just that. Through Entrepreneurial Winning Women, EY identifies a select group of women entrepreneurs with established, successful businesses and clear growth goals. The program provides introductions to an influential network of entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors and advisors, as well as potential partners, strategic alliances, customers and suppliers, who can help the entrepreneurs think bigger and scale their companies.
  • How is the Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program different from Entrepreneur Of The Year?
    Although both awards recognize successful entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program is more than an award. It is an ongoing customized leadership development program with year-round activities designed to help women entrepreneurs become market leaders and ultimately compete more effectively for Entrepreneur Of The Year.
  • Who can I contact for further information?
    You may contact Kristin Duffy, Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program Lead, at EY.WinningWomen@ey.com.