Entrepreneurial Winning Women

2017 award winners

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Meet the 2017 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women. These dynamic women entrepreneurs join our elite network of the country’s best high-growth companies and will now participate in our customized leadership program designed to connect them with the advisors, resources and insights they need to scale their businesses.

EY - Nazli Azimi

Dr. Nazli Azimi
Bioniz Therapeutics
Irvine, CA
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Bioniz Therapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and development of first-in-class therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer. Bioniz is introducing a new class of therapeutics for several unmet medical conditions such as T-cell leukemia, a rare form of blood cancer, alopecia areata, an autoimmune mediated hair loss disease, and celiac disease, an autoimmune disease of the gut.

EY - Nina Tandon

Nina Tandon
Brooklyn, NY
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EpiBone is developing revolutionary technology that will allow patients to receive bone grafts, made from their own stem cells. EpiBone’s pioneering process utilizes a scan of the patient’s bone defect, and the patient’s own stem cells to construct and cultivate a defect-specific bone graft. The result is a precision-engineered bone graft, simplified surgical procedure and shorter recovery time for the hundreds of thousands of patients who undergo bone-related surgeries each year.

EY - Christina Stembel

Christina Stembel
Farmgirl Flowers
San Francisco, CA
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Farmgirl Flowers is an eCommerce flower company that aims to change the way flowers are delivered by offering better options using ethically and honestly sourced materials. This approach has enabled the company to offer designer-quality flowers at e-commerce prices, featuring an eco-friendly design aesthetic (think upcycled burlap coffee bags acquired from local roasters) that appeals to a new market of consumers.

EY - Saryu Nayyar

Saryu Nayyar
El Segundo, CA
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Gurucul is changing the way government and enterprises protect themselves against insider threats, cyber fraud, login credentials hijacking and data breaches. The company’s advanced security analytics technology uses machine learning and predictive anomaly detection algorithms to identify suspicious activity that appears “normal” to traditional information security products. Its mission is to help organizations protect their intellectual property, regulated information and brand reputation from insider threats and sophisticated external attacks.

EY - Ellen Bennett

Ellen Bennett
Hedley & Bennett
Los Angeles, CA
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Hedley & Bennett is a premium apron and workwear brand that outfits some of the best chefs in the world. The company’s products are handcrafted from start to finish using top-grade materials and are built to handle the rigorous hustle and bustle of professional kitchens. Hedley & Bennett outfits more than 4,000 restaurants in the US and sells to major retail stores. The company’s goal is to become the top outfitter to the culinary world and beyond, cultivating a lasting community of chefs who wear their aprons and work gear loudly & proudly.

EY - Lori Torres

Lori Torres
Parcel Pending
Irvine, CA
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Parcel Pending is a package management solutions provider that makes life easier for residents, property managers and couriers. Parcel Pending’s electronic locker systems provide a secure and simple way for couriers to deliver packages and offer 24/7 access to residents, allowing them to pick up packages on their own schedule. The company’s proprietary software assumes all the customer service responsibilities for package delivery, notification and retrieval, delivering peace of mind for property managers and residents at the same time.

EY - Sarah RibnerEY - Jess Edelstein

Sarah Ribner & Jess Edelstein
Philadelphia, PA
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PiperWai Natural Deodorant is an aluminum-free deodorant made with the absorbent power of activated charcoal. Its all-natural, uniquely effective ingredients neutralize order and absorb moisture without irritating sensitive skin, and best of all, stand up to the most active lifestyles. This American-made innovative deodorant solution from PiperWai has redefined an entire category in the deodorant market, and has influenced the way consumers achieve their wellness goals. By bringing a safe, effective and easy solution to the masses, PiperWai is empowering consumers to make better choices in their everyday personal care regimens.

EY - Laura Behrens Wu

Laura Behrens Wu
San Francisco, CA
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Shippo provides the platform to help businesses succeed through shipping. Its multi-carrier API and dashboard help merchants get real-time rates, print labels, automate international paperwork, track packages and facilitate returns to reduce shipping costs, streamline process and enhance customer satisfaction.

EY - Sarah Segal

Sarah Segal
Montreal, Quebec
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SQUISH is a leading Montreal-based retail candy company specializing in artisanal gummies. With an emphasis on quality ingredients and a creative flavor palette, SQUISH offers more than 100 gummy varieties in unique flavors and shapes with the widest vegan and vegetarian options in the market. Focused on a personalized shopping experience, SQUISH offers retail, online and social media experiences that engage directly with customers.

EY - Cathy Horst-Forsyth

Cathy Horst-Forsyth
Strongbow Group
Wyckoff, NJ
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Strongbow helps drive network transformation for the world’s largest enterprises by optimizing global voice and data networks to better connect the data centers, applications and people that run your business. In today’s market there are few places for enterprises to turn to for impartial counsel and support. Strongbow prides itself on its ability to provide unbiased guidance, working hand-in-hand with clients to make positive change a reality. The company unlocks the best possible solutions for enterprises, yielding better performing, more reliable global networks that return millions in savings to the bottom line.

EY - Fran Dunaway

Fran Dunaway
Seattle, WA
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TomboyX — bearing the slogan, “We are not for everybody, but we are for anybody” — is rethinking underwear, loungewear and swimwear and fulfilling the need for comfortable, functional underwear for active, plus size, and unconventional women and people. The brand promise is inclusivity, body positivity and celebrating you for being unapologetic about who you are. TomboyX’s mission is to help customers feel comfortable in their own skin.

EY - Sarah Dusek

Sarah Dusek
Under Canvas
Bozeman, MT
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Under Canvas Inc. creates luxury safari-style camps at scenic US sites, currently in several National Park locations (Yellowstone, Glacier, Moab and Zion). Under Canvas also creates pop-up style luxury camps for private corporate retreats, adventures, weddings, private events and experiential marketing events and brand activations, providing a green, luxurious solution to experiencing beautiful places. Under Canvas creates an eco-friendly experience that makes the great outdoors accessible in comfort and style, acting as a bridge for people to get outside and enjoy nature.