French Business Network

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The EY France contact for French groups and their subsidiaries abroad.

The French Business Network is a global network of 30 multidisciplinary French Business Centers (FBCs) established in 20 countries around the world. It includes more than 120 French partners and professionals integrated into the EY offices abroad and dedicated to serving French companies locally.

Australia, Belgium, Brazil , Canada, ChinaGermany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA and Vietnam.

The FBN is an EY France initiative designed to reduce both obstacles arising from geographical distance and the problems encountered by subsidiaries and their parent company in understanding local business rules and customs.

Our teams, our added value

The French Business Centers include more than 120 French EY partners and professionals dedicated to providing audit, transaction support and advisory services to the subsidiaries of French companies. Integrated into our EY offices all around the world, they are able to mobilize resources locally to offer services tailored to their needs.

The FBN teams:

  • are dedicated to French assignments locally
  • have extensive experience in international and French business
  • are familiar with resolving the various issues faced by the subsidiaries of French groups abroad
  • deliver services, as needed, in local and in « French format », which can be immediately used by local management, EY France teams and client head offices in France
  • work with EY's offices in France to provide consistency on international assignments

Our clients say why the FBN provides value to their business

  • Asia Pacific CFO of a large French distributor of electrical products (2010)

    “The cultural mix obtained by integrating French nationals into Australian teams over a sufficient long-term period creates a "bilateral" benefit, since it provides good understanding of both countries’ local issues translated into both countries’ cultural context and language if need be. The Australian companies understand better the French Group’s expectations and requirements, which eases the exchanges and increases efficiently the level of compliance; and the issues arising from Australia’s business, finance, tax and legal environment get to be better communicated and explained, and therefore known and taken into consideration by the French side."
  • Americas CFO of a French leading Bank (2010)

    “EY and our company have a solid, long-term and fruitful relationship. Our international development, particularly in the United States, strengthens our need to rely on an advisor who is able to accompany us on this development. The presence of a French desk in the United States is an additional advantage for EY. This presence, which is reinforced by certain cultural ties, facilitates exchanges, leads to a better understanding of our needs and finally, enables the improvement in quality of the services provided.”
  • CFO of one of the leading companies of the construction industry (2010)

    “The presence of French professionals who were fully integrated into the local EY teams largely facilitated the acquisition operations our group carried out in the United States, Chile and Brazil. It also created a climate of confidence that is necessary in this kind of transaction. Moreover, the local resources mobilized by EY people were decisive in closing the various transactions within the deadlines planned.”
  • Senior Vice President of the French leader of the construction industry - North American Competency Center (2010)

    “The involvement of the French Business network in the audit of our company in the United States is a definite advantage. It enabled an efficient coordination between EY France and EY United States, which is a key factor in the audit of our company both in France and in the United States. Moreover, it provides the required skills both in terms of IFRS and US GAAP.”
  • Americas Chief Administrative Officer of a leading French Bank (2010)

    “In a world that is more and more globalized and sensitive to economic changes, it is essential that our group and our auditors know each other in order to achieve a fair external assessment of our accounts and our risks. The presence of French teams integrated into EY teams in the United States, with a direct contact in New York enables us to resolve, in an efficient and relevant manner, he accounting issues raised by the American situation that is particularly sensitive today.”
  • Americas CFO of one of the largest French financial institution (2010)

    “The presence of a French professional from the French Business Network is decisive. This proximity is a strong potential benefit and improves the flexibility required in our relationships with the local and EY France audit teams. Besides, it represents a means of globalization of the controls required in our professions.”
  • Audit Director of a French engineering and consultancy group (2010)

    “Conducting internal audit outside France is quite challenging to us, in terms of cost and quick understanding of the local environment. The French Business Network facilitates access to local internal audit experts we can rely on with a good level of confidence.

    In India, I made a very easy and quick contact with the French representative of the French Business Network through my usual EY France interlocutors. The French Desk facilitated both our business talks and the coordination of the mission. Thanks to the good quality of our relationship, I developed confidence towards the local management and could cancel the travels I initially had planned in order to validate the mission. I did appreciate the very efficient way EY Paris managed to hand over a strong relationship built over years to EY New Delhi.”
  • Senior VP NACC of the largest diversified supplier of construction materials in North America (May 2010)

    “The involvement of the French Business Network is a key element of our relationship with E&Y. From a technical point of view, but also cultural and relational, the French Business Networks brings a very unique and highly appreciated contribution to the audit of our company.”
  • MD of an Indian subsidiary of a French Industrial Group, leader in their field (November 2011)

    “Our industrial group has extensive experience in acquisitions, especially in emerging countries. Nevertheless, considering the specific nature of India, we wanted to build on the support provided by EY. With the support of its French Business Centre India, we were able to quickly identify specialists within EY India who intervened on many aspects of our transaction.”