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Government leaders today are under extraordinary pressure to do more with existing, or fewer, resources. Sequestration, reduced tax revenues, soaring deficits and a deepening national debt are driving a focus on aligning resources where they can achieve the best outcomes. At the same time, there is demand for visibility and transparency in the use of those resources.

The US Government & Public Sector practice of Ernst & Young LLP combines private sector leading practice with an understanding of the public sector’s diverse needs, focused on delivering improved public services. We respond to your specific issues by bringing together highly skilled professionals across Advisory, Assurance, Tax and Transaction Advisory Services.

This integrated approach facilitates multidimensional support and flexibility at the Federal, State, and Local levels. Our heritage is based on providing objective, fact-based insights, and our broad portfolio of services is aimed at driving relevant, tangible results.

We believe integration fosters innovation. Unprecedented challenges require support that is connected, responsive, and insightful. We are ready to help you build a better working world.

  • Managing enterprise risk

    Interest in enterprise risk management (ERM) is growing fast among federal agencies, as well as State and Local governments. A number of them have appointed a chief risk officer to manage their ERM efforts. Government entities are starting to focus on enterprise solutions to manage risks that impact strategic and tactical objectives and use of resources.

    Along with this, a number of agencies are looking to translate the concept of ERM past the abstract framework into practical solutions that will ultimately support risk enabled performance.

    There is a need for more risk intelligent management of agencies so that future opportunities and threats to the agency’s performance are recognized and addressed timely and appropriately.

    The EY Government and Public Sector Enterprise Risk Management team offers a proven methodology and approach to help agencies leverage their investments in complying with Office of Management and Budget Circular A-123 Appendix A and other requirements by identifying and replacing isolated initiatives and remediation fixes with a holistic approach to integrating internal controls, compliance and risk management initiatives under an ERM framework.

  • New EY book reveals realities facing the next President-elect’s transition team

    After Americans leave the ballot box in less than six months’ time, the incoming presidential administration will be faced with filling hundreds of key political appointments across the Federal Government.

    To understand the challenges and opportunities involved in this process, Paul Lawrence, a leader in the Federal Government Consulting Practice of Ernst & Young LLP and Mark A. Abramson, President of Leadership Inc., present the findings of a seven-year study examining the full life-cycle of top political appointees in the Obama administration, charting their nomination and confirmation process all the way to their last days in office.

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  • Implementing category management in the federal government

    Federal agencies are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs in the wake of ever-decreasing budgets. At the same time, these agencies are being asked to maintain and, in many instances, increase their level of service and responsibility. To avoid making unilateral cuts, federal agencies must look strategically at their portfolio of expenditures to determine the best levers to help reduce spending without sacrificing service. One lever is to take a more holistic look at the process of managing and procuring goods and services through the use of category management and strategic sourcing.

    Find out how EY helped a Federal agency implement category management.

  • The power of public-private partnerships: fostering women’s entrepreneurship through TechCamps in Latin America

    On October 2, 2014, the U.S. Department of State, Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Americas initiative, (WEAmericas) and Ernst & Young LLP (EY) announced a joint initiative to help women entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with the skills, capacity building and leadership opportunities to scale their businesses in driving the global economy. In collaboration with US embassies and local collaborators in Colombia, El Salvador, Bolivia and Argentina, this public-private relationship brings together women entrepreneurs through a series of four TechCamps.

    Between October 2014 and June 2015, WEAmericas and EY hosted TechCamps across Latin America. Local State Department and EY hosts developed interactive agendas for each TechCamp, which brought together local and international technology experts and women entrepreneurs to develop technology- enabled solutions that address challenges women face growing their businesses. During each of the TechCamps, these entrepreneurs and technologists worked hand in hand to develop technological strategies for addressing the barriers facing women entrepreneurs, including improving access to markets, capital, skills and capacity building, and providing leadership opportunities.

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