Navigating change to seize new global opportunities

Profound regulatory change. Unprecedented opportunity in emerging markets. Lingering economic uncertainty. Technology-driven disruptions. Rising consumer expectations. Intense cost and competitive pressures.

Our global team of industry professionals helps insurers navigate these challenges — and seize the strategic opportunities they represent. We help you find better answers by asking better questions about the most critical aspects of the business:

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EY - US Tax reform: Prepare for change

Robotics in claims

EY - Robotics in claims

The time for adopting robotics in claims has come, due primarily to the imperative for claims leaders to contribute more value to the business.

2017 Insurance CRO Survey

EY - 2017 Insurance CRO Survey

EY’s annual insurance CRO survey serves as a lens on the current state of enterprise risk management in the industry and the shifting role of Chief Risk Officers (CROs).

Digital transformation in insurance

EY - Digital transformation in insurance

Insurers must move faster and with greater purpose toward a bolder strategic vision if they are to survive and thrive in the digital era.

Digital transformation in underwriting

EY - Digital transformation in underwriting

Our Digital Underwriting Survey reveals the important and rapid evolution that is proceeding within commercial and specialty insurance.

The future of work in insurance

EY - The future of work in insurance

The convergence of human, technological and market forces will cause a radical shift in the work of insurance.