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Webcast: Cyber security update for asset managers

What do asset management firms need to know about cyber security? Our panel discusses new developments in the space on April 10. Register now. #EYSEC

EY - Cyber Security Sign up

You are invited to participate in EY’s 2014 Global Information Security Survey.


EY-Global Hedge Fund Symposium Series 2012

Global Hedge Fund Symposiums

Held in financial centers around the world, this symposium series examines the multi-faceted issues and challenges facing the hedge fund industry.


EY - Jun Li

FATCA and asset management

Jun Li, Partner, and Samer Ojjeh, Principal, discuss the impact of FATCA on the asset management industry.

EY - Stock markets in rapid-growth markets

Stock markets in rapid-growth markets

Our report examines the rise of stock markets in emerging nations, and finds that, although investors face volatility, they offer better long-term returns.

EY- Get the facts on FACTA

We offer knowledge and resources to help navigate the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.