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Energy Optimisation Practice

Driving the next level of energy cost reduction

As global economies grapple with the challenges of climate change, security of supply and resource scarcity, the energy landscape for corporate consumers is shifting. Energy has become more complex – it is no longer just a commodity, it needs proactive and careful management. At EY, we have developed an approach to help businesses optimise energy – the 3D Energy Strategy.

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The 3D Energy Strategy™

EY brings global experience in the full life cycle of the resource and energy agenda; strategy, implementation and continuous improvement, providing a practical set of next steps to help achieve your corporate energy targets. The 3D Energy Strategy considers optimisation across price, volume and time enabling businesses to:

  • Price: pay less for each unit of energy
  • Volume: use less energy overall
  • Time: shift energy out of peak periods

Find out more about the 3D Energy Strategy and download our report

EY – Energy Optimisation Practice - Are you an energy optimising organisation?

Are you an energy optimising organisation?



EY - RECAI video– issue 47

RECAI video– issue 47

Ben Warren reveals how our new index methodology reflects a new world order as renewables goes beyond decarbonization, and why there is nowhere to hide for those markets or companies who don’t deliver.

Power station to plug – Panel debate at EL2015

Richard Tarboton, Executive Director, Energy Optimisation Practice, talks to Energy Live News coming soon

Visit our Energy YouTube YouTube channel.



EY - Richard Tarboton“Less is more”
Richard Tarboton
April 2016

EY - Ben WarrenOffshore wind: into the deep
Ben Warren
February 2016


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