Press Releases

September 2015

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Read more Latest numbers reassure us that the economy is on a sustainable and solid growth path - EY ITEM Club comments
30 September 2015

Read more ‘Flood’ of FTSE audit tenders expected this year
29 September 2015

Read more Mortgage approvals rise to nineteen month high, but consumer borrowing is completely different to that seen prior to the financial crisis - EY ITEM Club comments
29 September 2015

Read more UK economy to avoid threat of ‘secular stagnation’ with business investment levels set to reach record high, says EY ITEM Club
28 September 2015

Read more August’s deficit suggests that further reduction will not be plain-sailing - EY ITEM Club comments
22 September 2015

Read more Retail sales underwhelm, but conditions remain ripe for a good performance over the remainder of the year - EY ITEM Club comments
17 September 2015

Read more Labour market continues is 'goldilocks' performance - EY ITEM Club comments
16 September 2015

Read more Attractiveness of UK renewables plummets as government withdraws support earlier than expected , says EY report
16 September 2015

Read more Inflationary pressures remain 'noticeable by their absence' - EY ITEM Club comments
15 September 2015

Read more EY and Tate renew major arts partnership
14 September 2015

Read more The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop
14 September 2015

Read more ‘MPC minutes confirm that interest rate hike is some way off - EY ITEM Club comments
10 September 2015

Read more ‘Makers’ and exporters are being hit by troubles in world economy - EY ITEM Club comments on industrial production and trade data
9 September 2015

Read more EY appoints Amanda Clack as Head of Infrastructure
7 September 2015

Read more Manufacturing sector 'enduring a real struggle' says EY ITEM Club
1 September 2015