Press Releases

January 2015

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Read more GDP growth in Q4 is surprisingly weak, but cheap oil will provide boost to the UK economy in 2015 - EY ITEM Club comments
27 January 2014

Read more EY shortlisted for record 13 MCA Awards
26 January 2014

Read more EY Analysis of UK Profit Warnings Q4 2014
26 January 2014

Read more EY launches military recruitment programme
23 January 2014

Read more With December retail sales beating the 'Black Friday' effect, 2015 looks set to be another good year for the consumer – EY ITEM Club comments
23 January 2014

Read more Consultation on investment allowance could lead to most significantly positive North Sea fiscal change in 20 years, says EY's Derek Leith
23 January 2014

Read more New onshore oil and gas extraction powers could hasten development of industry in Scotland and safeguard existing industrial infrastructure, says EY's Chris Lewis
23 January 2014

Read more EY honored with prestigious Partner of the Year Award
23 January 2014

Read more Businesses are failing to capitalise on entrepreneurial talents of their workforce, reveals EY research
21 January 2014

Read more Surprise change of course by MPC members means interest rate rise could now be even later than Q1 2016 – EY ITEM Club comments
21 January 2014

Read more EY ITEM Club Winter forecast 2014-15
19 January 2014

Read more With inflation set to be below 1% for almost the whole of 2015, interest rates rise should not come before early 2016 – EY ITEM Club comments
13 January 2015

Read more Only a third of businesses use big data in their strategic decision making process
12 January 2015

Read more Industrial production dips, but falling oil prices should boost manufacturing – EY ITEM Club comments
09 January 2015

Read more Decision to keep rates on hold could be repeated throughout 2015 – EY ITEM Club comments
08 January 2015

Read more Administrators of City Link Limited announce further redundancies and depot closures
07 January 2015

Read more Services output falls, but there is a good chance that 2015 will turn out to be a better year than 2014 for the UK economy – EY ITEM Club comments
06 January 2015