Managed Services

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It’s difficult to focus on the future when you’re running to stand still.

Greater scrutiny and sweeping regulatory changes are forcing businesses to focus on compliance and legacy issues rather than exploring exciting new investment and growth opportunities.

At the same time, the requirement to cut costs can be overwhelming.

We’ve developed Managed Services to take some of that pressure away, allowing you to concentrate on driving your business forward, rather than looking backwards. It provides a fast track way, saving money and improving quality.

By teaming your existing systems with our cutting-edge technology, knowledge and experience, Managed Services offers a way of efficiently handling many mandatory business processes, at a lower cost, while sophisticated management information tools mean you can stay in control, and meet regulatory legal requirements.

Managed Services’ key elements include:

  • EY core competencies (e.g. Finance, Tax, Risk, Assurance)
  • Industry knowledge and regulatory insights
  • Business insights, client processes and systems
  • Flexible delivery model with onsite staff and low cost delivery centres
  • EY business process management technology.

We have Managed Service delivery centres across the UK and EU, with skilled EY staff working on a number of Managed Service opportunities for a variety of FS clients.