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EY Global Fund Distribution (EY GFD) refers to a set of innovative services developed by EY to help asset managers with the cross-border distribution and registration of their UCITS, AIFs and other CIS (Collective Investment Schemes). It covers all key distribution markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Through an integrated web platform, EY GFD covers the following services:

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence provides you with pragmatic and dynamic access to fund market information, enabling you to define and challenge your product development and distribution strategies. It helps you determine which product to distribute, in which jurisdiction, to which category of investors and through which distribution channels.

Regulatory Intelligence

Regulatory Intelligence provides you with country-based regulatory information describing how to register your funds step-by-step and how to cope with local fund reporting and maintenance requirements. Regulatory Intelligence provides you with a “do-it-yourself” practical guide to implement your distribution strategy and register your UCITS, AIFs and other CIS for public distribution, or distribute your AIFs on a private placement basis.

Fund Registration

Fund Registration offers you an end-to-end service to efficiently outsource the filing of regulatory applications to regulators, collect/disseminate fund documents and manage/monitor the fund registration process.

Fund Tax Reporting

Fund Tax Reporting offers you a streamlined fund tax reporting process using a time and cost saving model, allowing you to enhance risk management and oversight with regard to fund tax reporting obligations in various jurisdictions.

Global Fund Reporting Services

Our dedicated Global Fund Reporting Services team can assist with the preparation of annual, semi-annual and quarterly financial statements of your funds in various jurisdictions.

Our services include:

  • Full coordination of the reporting process
  • Translation of the financial statements and related documentation
  • Customization of the layout to your specific needs
  • GAAP conversions



Which countries are covered by our services?

EY Global fund distribution coverage map