Cleantech - Enabling the business responses to climate change

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Cleantech is the umbrella term for the range of technologies, goods and services that minimize or eliminate the environmental impact of economic activity and form the basis of the corporate response to climate change.


As climate change moves up the corporate agenda cleantech investment is reaching record levels. Climate change challenges are creating opportunities for next generation technologies as companies seek to respond to stakeholder expectations, current and anticipated regulation, rising energy costs and consumer pressure. In addition, climate-smart companies view this as an opportunity to make them more innovative, efficient and competitive via revenue generation and cost reductions.


Climate change is here to stay and will have a transformative effect on all types of business. The integration of a climate change agenda into the heart of business planning will be a characteristic of successful enterprises in the future. Those who are able to quickly and effectively adapt to the new paradigm will be the companies who improve their competitive advantage in the marketplace.


It is a global challenge that requires a transformation of infrastructure and practices that crosses industries and supply chains. Not only do levels of investment in innovative clean technologies need to accelerate, but partnership and collaboration must be increased and encouraged among multinational corporations, emerging cleantech growth companies, governments and other stakeholders.


EY intends:

  • To become the service provider for emerging cleantech market leaders around the globe.
  • To assist multinational corporations to better understand the cleantech landscape and the opportunities that it brings.


If you have any question or would like more information on Ernst and Young’s cleantech capabilites then please contact a representative of our cleantech network in your region.


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