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How can digital help make your customers’ friends your customers?

Getting ahead by getting to know the people you serve

EY - Getting ahead by getting to know customers

We drew on our digital depth to help a global media client become the kind of company that inspires advocacy

To keep the forces of disruption at bay and return to growth, a global media company needed to improve customer satisfaction – while also improving the bottom line. It wanted to find the most effective way to persuade customers to tell their friends to sign up. In short, it needed to develop a state-of-the-art customer experience. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we helped the company better understand, connect with and serve its customers.

Not like starting over

As a legacy company, the organization couldn’t start from scratch. Faced with diverse competition ranging from established media companies to new and nimble streaming video service providers, it needed to offer customers more choices and higher quality service, so it asked us to help.

To start, the company needed to learn much more about its customers. It needed to know how different customer segments used the company’s services and what they cared about most. At the same time, it also needed to know what improvements would make these different types of customers happiest. To find the answers, our EY-Seren teams followed a three-step approach:

  • Research. EY-Seren set up a lab where customers performed certain tasks, enabling our team to see what did and didn’t work well. It also conducted research in people’s homes. Then it built a survey based on the findings, allowing it to generalize its research across a much larger audience.
  • Service design. The teams noted which aspects of the experience prevented users from getting the most from their service, then introduced approaches to address the issues – for example, by moving a previously well-hidden search functionality up to the home screen or making support options always visible.
  • Measurement. Using analytics, the teams measured relative improvement, allowing us to tell the client that a given change would reach a given number of clients and generate a given amount of response and income. And it built a platform that constantly updates itself, giving the company an ongoing, dynamic view of experience and business performance.

Getting the numbers down

Our analytics teams then developed more than 100 attributes and employed sophisticated algorithms to determine key customer segments, as well as the net present value of each customer, in leading markets. Further research identified relevant customer behaviors and attitudes.

At the same time, our human capital teams designed incentives that helped focus employees’ attention on improving the customer experience as captured by the Net Promoter Score, defined as the willingness to refer the company’s services to others.

We relied on our digital depth to offer the client a blend of services suited to its situation, devising a broad approach other providers could not match. Now, the client can make the connection between key groups of customers and their wants and needs, and tailor the customer experience accordingly, market by market. As a result, the company is doing a better job of keeping the customer satisfied at minimum cost.

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