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How do you blend opportunities for innovation with centuries of tradition?

Speeding time to market with an innovation unit

EY - Speeding time to market with an innovation unit

We helped a longtime consumer products market leader build its disruptive skills

A global consumer products company knew that centuries of success didn’t guarantee a bright future. In an era where companies can either disrupt or be disrupted, it chose the former. But it soon learned that building the capability for disruptive innovation was no easy task. The company asked us to help bridge the gap between now and the future. We helped revamp the way the organization approaches innovation, setting the stage for further growth.

Looking for the next big idea

The company knew that the best way to disruptive innovation lay outside its traditional boundaries. So it set up an innovation unit, charged with finding and investing in new ideas. The strategy was simple: find the next big idea and take it to market – quickly.

But the unit struggled to meet the company’s ambitious goals. It was gaining ground, but not rapidly. The corporate side, applying time-tested metrics, began to apply pressure. Concerned that it wasn’t taking full advantage of the power of disruptive innovation, the head of the unit asked us to take a fresh look.

Putting history aside

We started with the operating model. A focus on disruptive innovation requires a team that can move rapidly and fail fearlessly. The company’s approach to science and innovation was rooted in its highly successful history, but it wasn’t designed to quickly assess a given opportunity, incubate an idea and commit to its development. Good ideas often idled for weeks while managers worked to get the green light. We helped the unit restructure its incubation and decision-making processes to streamline approvals.

Next, we focused on helping the client optimize its supply chain capabilities to make the most of innovation. The company’s formidable supply chain was optimized for lowering costs in its traditional business, rather than the more subtle, nimble approach disruptive innovation requires. We developed a new model to help the company get innovations to market faster.

Taking their measure

And to confirm management had the right perspective on innovation and its benefits, we helped it develop metrics that focused on ROII – return on innovation investment – that looked beyond the financial results to the ongoing benefits. The new metrics took into account the customer experience, assets and processes created, new things learned, and the ability to retain top talent that a culture of innovation augments. We also developed metrics that helped the client speed up its operating model processes.

The result is an organization that is taking a radically different view of disruptive innovation and its benefits and refitting its organization accordingly. In creating new rules to help tradition and disruptive innovation co-exist, the company has written the next chapter in its long story of success.

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