Improving productivity by enabling digital

You can only truly achieve a sustainable productivity improvement by adopting an integrated end-to-end business approach from market to mine.

One of the key steps that can significantly reduce the integration gap is to adopt digital strategies to reduce variability in the organization, enhance an end-to-end approach and improve decision-making.

EY – Transformational approaches to address the decline in mining productivity

Cyber risk in mining and metals

EY - Cyber risk in mining and metals

Learn how mining and metals companies can navigate the complex cyber threat landscape with a step-change in the culture and awareness of cyber risks.

Webcast: Make cyber risk a priority

EY - Webcast: Make cyber risk a priority

Join us on 1 May for an interactive webcast about what mining and metals organizations can do to get ahead of the evolving cyber threats.

The digital disconnect: problem or pathway?

The digital disconnect in the mining and metals sector is the gap between the potential from digital transformation and the poor track record of successful implementations. Addressing the digital disconnect will be critical to succeed in the rapidly changing digital world.

The digital disconnect exists, not because of a lack of engagement from the sector, but because of a range of practical issues that continue to challenge the industry.

Our report expands on the potential benefits of digital to help exploit the number one operational opportunity in mining — productivity — and details the common pitfalls. Understanding these pitfalls will help answer the question: “With so much opportunity, why is the road to digital transformation littered with stalled or failed endeavors?”

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EY - The digital disconnect in mining and metals

The pathway for digital mining enterprises

Digital can enable new ways to drive productivity, manage the variability challenges of the sector and pursue commercial excellence. With the right focus on digital, mining and metals companies can:

■ Optimize plans and productivity rates across any operation and manage variability under any conditions

■ Understand true end-to-end capability and systems bottlenecks, and support loss elimination

■ Increase agility and responsiveness to changes in market factors, such as freight rates and customers’ buying behavior trends

The digital disconnect

Digital mining has been with us for over half a century, and the mining sector has embraced the introduction of new technologies, such as plant control systems, GPS technologies, mobile broadband and automated haulage. Notwithstanding the long journey that digital mining has already taken, the rate of recent development seems incongruous with the perceived opportunity.

Having a clear understanding of the key elements of past successes and failures is critical to developing a truly transformational digital approach to the productivity challenge.

If the benefits truly are so large and game changing, why are the many established technological implementations not delivering on their full potential?”
– Paul Mitchell, Global Mining & Metals Advisory Leader

Featured insights

EY’s Digital Navigator

EY’s Digital Navigator is a unique approach and toolkit that enables EY to:

1. Assess a company’s digital maturity

  • Do we have an alignment between the digital vision and the business strategy?
  • How long will it take and what is a reasonable estimate of cost?
  • Do we have a clear business case to support the change?
  • What capability do we need and how does this compare with our current resourcing?
  • What are the packages of work, at an appropriate level of detail, required to move from our current state?
  • What is the level of cultural support and have we addressed critical elements of the change?
  • Do we understand how the new digital operating model will look like?
  • Have we tested this with those who understand the operations in depth?

2. Create an actionable digital road map for our clients

This is based on linking current capability and existing investments with business ambition and strategy. This road map provides a platform to drive the execution of a digital transformation focused on productivity.

The Digital Navigator takes an end-to-end approach, starting with vision and strategy and finishing by embedding digital across your business

EY – Digital Navigator end-to-end approach for mining companies


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