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Health care is being disrupted. Cost inflation has become unsustainable — driving health care systems and payers to seek new approaches, including incentives that emphasize value. These cost pressures are exacerbated by changing demographics, rising incomes in emerging markets and an imminent chronic disease epidemic. The rapid rise of digital health — mobile health, big data and analytics — is enabling real-time, cost-effective interventions. Companies beyond health care are entering the fray, providing new sources of competition and collaboration.

These trends are driving an entirely different approach — moving beyond the delivery of health care (by traditional health care companies in traditional ways, i.e., “sick care”) to the management of health (by diverse sets of players, with more focus on healthy behaviors, prevention and real-time care). We are moving to “Health 2.0” — the consumer-centric, outcomes-driven, prevention-focused and cross-sector future of health care.

It’s time to reimagine our approach to health. EY’s Health Reimagined initiative is our attempt to catalyze this shift in thinking.

What is Health Reimagined?

The issues we focus on — and our approach to addressing them — are guided by five basic principles:

1 Over-the-horizon focus. In business, as in sport, you need to go where the ball is going to be, not where it has been. Health Reimagined does just that. We analyze long-term, disruptive trends and help our clients — from start-ups to multinationals — align their business models with the future of health care, rather than its past.
2 Cross-sector open innovation. Health care is no longer just for health care companies. Firms from technology, telecommunications, retail trade and other sectors are already entering the fray. Health Reimagined breaks down barriers — both within EY and in the industry — to connect dots between health care challenges and creative approaches from other sectors.
3 Co-creation. Health 2.0 requires creative collaboration, and nobody has all the answers. Health Reimagined reflects this reality. We are partnering with health care entities — patients, providers, payers, governments — through variety of forums and networks.
4 Multi-channel engagement. We want to be wherever you are. And we want to catalyze creative conversations enabled by today’s proliferation of platforms. So, we will engage with you in different ways across multiple channels: print media, video, social media, blogs and more.
5 Action-oriented solutions. Most importantly, this is about more than conversations. We don’t just want to reimagine health — we want to help rebuild it. Health Reimagined is developing creative new solutions to health care’s biggest challenges. We are piloting new models with clients which we will scale up over time.

How can you participate?

This is a rapidly changing field and there’s a lot more to come. Watch this space as we launch platforms, build networks and share insights.

We hope you will join the conversation. Tell us what you think. Look for us on social media. Make the central node of your journey to Health 2.0.